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Smoking a Pipe

A new pipe ought to usually be broken in. This involves only half
filling the bowl and drawing gently to allow the charring procedure to happen progressively; it will also permit
the pipe to harden.
To enjoy a satisfying smoke a pipe need to be filled appropriately.

Filling the Pipe

Hold the pipe upright and trickle in tobacco till the pipe is full.
Tamp it down gently then repeat two or 3 instances until the bowl is full.
Draw on the pipe before lighting to ensure there are
no blockages. Failure to fill the pipe effectively might
result in the pipe to burn hot and bitter, top to "tongue bite" a
stinging on the best from the tongue.

Lighting the Pipe

Light the pipe using a pipe lighter or wooden match, petrol lighters may cause unpleasant odours and tastes.
Initially attempt to char the top in the tobacco, to allow the flame to catch.
The "charring light" as it is known as ought to aim to ignite the tobacco, without having scorching the bowl.

Tamp the charred tobacco down and then apply the second flame,
puffing gently as you light the tobacco.

Re-lighting and Moisture

Tobacco does naturally go out if left. If this occurs just re-light the pipe.

Sometimes you might hear or taste moisture within the
pipe, if this occurs run a pipe cleaner down the flue, tamp and relight the tobacco if required.

Cleaning and Upkeep

A well cared for pipe can last for years, enhancing
with age. To make certain this occurs you have to undertake simple
upkeep. Never refill a warm pipe, wait until it has cooled.
Many smokers choose two pipes to permit ample cooling time.
When cleaning the pipe, hold it by the bowl, the simply tip the ash from the bowl,
just before running a pipe cleaner by means of the stem
to eliminate moisture. Don't bang the pipe against a wall or shoe, as this can harm the

A little layer of carbon will gradually start to accumulate in the first smoking, in no way enable this layer to obtain greater than 1:16 of an inch (1.5mm)
thick or threat the bowl cracking. To preserve this layer use a pipe reamer or smokers knife, (NOT
a penknife or pointed object.)

Insert the reamer then gradually rotate to strip way excess carbon.
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