$. Transferrable Gold:
Bought and transferred golds, even rewards and gifts that have been transferred, will remain transferrable and can be transferred to new server and account after end of the round or deleting the account.
$. Artefacts:

  1. Artefacts of fools: Now all artefacts of fools will work. There effect and ALSO their area effect (village, account) will change randomly too, but small artes of fool will have negative effects too. Their ability will be anything like other artefacts except the Building Plan.
  2. New effects of Artefact:These artefact have their known effect as they had, but we added some new features to them:

  1. The architects: Also the production will be increased in woodcutters, clay pits and iron mines.
  2. Anûšiya boots: All merchants in the area of effect will carry more.
  3. The eagles eyes: The ability of Chief/Chieftain/Senator and also defense against them will increase under effect of this artefact.
  4. Diet control: Also a hero who is under the effect of this artifact will gain gold if he loose a normal attack. The amount of gold depends on the experience (s)he gained from the battle. Although the battle ground should not be in a WW village. This gold is transferable.
  5. Rivals confusion: Raid capacity of your troops will be multiplied by a factor which depend on the artefact’s size.

$. Troops starvation:
Troops starvation have been activated once again.

$. Defense offense troops level:
Troops battle calculation is more accurate now.

$. WW level up:
Time for WW level up have been increased and the multiplier for this specific building is now depends on troops movement speed, not the server main speed. So time to deliver an attack on WW village is increased and more battle will occur on these villages.

$. Buildings strength:
Building Strength against catapults have been increased by a factor depending on troop speed of the server. So in faster servers you need more catapult in an equal situation to destroy same building. So research about the needed catapult on war simulator and then attack the target.

$. New Gold features:

  1. Instant train: With this feature you can instantly finish an existing train list, or whole queue of you training at once. The gold amount for this feature will reduce if you are a gold club member.
  2. Fast research and Fast Develop: You can research or develop your troops in academy and smithy, instantly. The gold cost of these feature will be reduced if your PLUS is active.
  3. Instant upgrade and instant rise: These to feature will enable you to instantly upgrade a building 1 level, or fully upgrade it at once!
  4. Instant demolition: By this feature you can completely demolish a building at once.