• Added:
    1. adventure: Now you can find troops, resource, silver or even gold in your adventures.
    2. boost: Now you can boost training of your troops by category (infantry, cavalry, siege) in all your villages.
    3. vote: In daily rewards new options have been added, with which you can vote for ATERGATIS and gain rewards.

  • Modified:
    1. hero experience: Hero experience need for level up is modified. It depends on server speed, in faster servers you need more experience to level up your hero.
    2. hero fighting strength: Fighting strength of hero is improved based on server speed. So a single hero can fight better in front of huge armies in fast servers.
    3. item count from adventure: depending on server speed item count of mass items (e.g. cages, bandages) gained from adventures have been modified. Also the base silver cost of mass items have been reduced.
    4. hero item effects: Some of items effects have been changed. Items which affect hero's fighting strength now have more effect. Items that effect the training speed, now are nurfed dramatically.
    5. gold silver exchange rate: The exchange rate of gold/silver and silver/gold is back to 1g->100s and 200s->1g as in a normal server again.
    6. upkeep: Upkeep for Natars troops and Natures troops is now 0. But upkeep for other races is now depends on 3 factor: server speed, troops movement speed, storage multiplier.
    7. building/wall strength increased: Combat calculation has been changed a bit, the most changes affect building strength and walls. We recommend you to test and play in combat simulator to see the changes.
    8. bigger storage: Storage multiplier is now bigger and thus storage can store more resource. This multiplier depends on server speed and troops movement speed of each server.

  • Removed:
    1. instant train/ instant rise: These 2 gold features have been removed from all our game world.

  • Bug fixed:
    1. alliance overview: Alliance overview will contain more descriptive data about what happening in you alliances.
    2. villages name: When you had more than 1 village and you attempt to edit your profile, you may face a wired situation in which your villages names were exchanged by each other. That problem is resolved now.
    3. train delay: In some situations you may faced that your barracks/stable/workshop had a delay in training the troops. The time was passed and no troops come out from the barracks, stable or workshop, and then in a blink all ceased training did complete and troops were released from your training. Now that problem is solved.
    4. trade routes: In some villages trade routes did not work when the player was offline. Now in all villages, player being online or offline, the trade routes work normally.