In Travian small bandages will revive up to 25% and bandages will revive up to 30% of troops that has been died fighting alongside their hero. In Atergatis by the way every small bandage revives one and every bandage revives two units that have been died fighting next to the hero and there is no limitation in number or percentage. You can save 100% of your killed troops but it is necessary that your hero survives the fight. If your get killed in action non of killed troops will revive. Not a single one.

Bag/Sack of thief
This Teutons hero item give teutons troops the ability to rob a specific amount of resources in the village granaries but in Atergatis bag/sack of thief simply increases the amount of resources that troops are able to carry in a raid.

In Travian using every artwork increase the whole account culture point by 500 point and there is a limitation in the number of artworks that a player can use in one day. In Atergatis number of point that using one artwork increases is equal to daily culture point production of whole villages and there is no limitation in number of artwork that you can use.

Tablet of law
In Travian you can icrease the loyalty of aa village up to 125% using Tablet of law but in Atergatis you cannot increase the loyalty of a village more than 100%.