$. New features of Artefacts:

  1. Artefacts of fools: Now all artefacts of fools will work. There effect and ALSO their area effect (village, account) will change randomly too, but small artes of fool will have negative effects too. Their ability will be anything like other artefacts except the Building Plan.
  2. New effects of Artefact: These artefact have their known effect as they had, but we added some new features to them:
    • The architects: Also the production will be increased in woodcutters, clay pits and iron mines.
    • Anûšiya boots: All merchants in the area of effect will carry more.
    • The eagles eyes: The ability of Chief/Chieftain/Senator and also defense against them will increase under effect of this artefact.
    • Diet control: Also a hero who is under the effect of this artifact will gain gold if he loose a normal attack. The amount of gold depends on the experience (s)he gained from the battle. Although the battle ground should not be in a WW village. This gold is transferable.
    • Rivals confusion: Raid capacity of your troops will be multiplied by a factor which depend on the artefact’s size.

$. Artefacts Rules

Unlike the Travian, the number of artifacts that you can capture is not limited in Atergatis. You can have an unlimited number of artifacts of any kind in your account and in every village of yours but you should learn how these artifacts are activated and remain functional:

  • Rule 1. in every village, the last captured artifact (no matter unique or small) will automatically become candidate for activation and other artifacts of this village (no matter big, unique or small) will be deactivated.

  • Rule 2. last three captured artifact in an account will be candidate to be activated and effective while other artifacts will be deactivated.

  • Rule 3. up to three small artifacts can be active and effective in one account

  • Rule 4. up to one unique or big artifact can be active and effective in one account

  • Rule 5. total of 3 artifacts can be active and effective in one account (three small or two small & one big or unique)

Example scenarios:
Managing the artifacts is more tricky in Atergatis. Here is some case scenarios for example:
Scenario 1: Imagine that you had 4 villages (A,B,C&D) in your account, and you have captured 3 artifacts by village A, B &C. Now if you capture 3 more artifacts all by village D, your other 3 artifacts will be deactivated ( rule 2) and on the other side you will have only one activated artifact in your village D (rule 1). So in this scenario you will have 6 artifacts but only one activated artifact.
Scenario 2: imagine you had 3 artifacts in village D and then you have captured three artifacts by your other 3 villages (A,B&C) now the three last artifacts in village A ,B & C will became candidate for activation and therefore all three artifacts in village D will be deactivated. As you can see you have same artifacts as scenario one in the same villages but now you have three activated artifacts. You should be aware that in this scenario you will have three activated artifacts in case that these last three artifacts to be all small artifacts or two small along with one unique or big (rule 3, 4 &5). If you capture two big and one small artifacts by your village A,B &C in this scenario you will have two (one big and one small) artifacts activated from all your 6. Other possible situation is that you capture 3 big or unique artifacts by village A,B & C. In that case you will have 1 activated artifact from your all 6.

How to activate deactivated artifacts in Atergatis:
If you want to activate one of your artifacts which is already deactivated because of the place or sequences of your captures, you may have to change the place and the capture time of this specific artifact. To do so you have to move your artifacts between your villages or you may ask your allies to move your artifacts to their own villages so your remaining artifacts suit the above 5 rules of artifacts and become activated.

when you capture artifacts from a village with more than one artifacts:
In attack to a village with more than one artifacts your hero is able to capture only one artifact, the one on the top of the list. So if you have got your treasury ready you may have to attempt four attacks involving your hero in every attack to take four artifacts from one village. Other reasonable way is to attack such village alongside three of your allies involving their heroes in their attacks.
As you can see as big the number of your artifacts in one village is, your village is a more tempting target for your competing alliance.