In ATERGATIS, traps are some how modified. When some troops trapped there will be 2 option for trapper and 1 option for attacker in their rally points:
Trapper options:
1. release: Will release all troops of attackers and all used traps will be usable instantly.
2. execute: 8/9 of trapped unit will die and 1/9 of them will escape. If there is a hero among the trapped units, he will take damage. If hero health become less than or equal to 3 (health <= 3) he/she will die, else he/she will escape too.
(In other words if hero health is <=27 before the execution attempt, hero will die else he/she will escape)

Attacker option:
1. Anarchy: All traps will be destroyed. 1/27 of troops will escape. If hero is trapped, (s)he will take damage and if his/her health is less than or equal to 72 before the anarchy, (s)he wont survive.
2. releasing his/her trapped units by sending a normal attack to trapper village. This attack at least should have 1 survivor. By this attack all used traps of the trapper will be destroyed and 2/3 of trapped units will survive. If hero is among the trapped units, his/her health will be reduced to 30% of current health, and if the result health is less than or equal to 3, (s)he will die.